Letter: Boehner’s behavior shameful



In this past tumultuous election year, all House and Senate Republicans could do is scream about how President Obama was playing politics on everything from the attack in Benghazi to the taxes rates for the wealthiest Americans. Now, as the 113th Congress gets under way, what is the first thing Speaker John Boehner does? He played politics with the relief effort for the Northeast victims of Hurricane Sandy. First he delays a vote on the emergency funds for the relief effort, stating that it would not look good to the American public to be spending huge sums of money when we were approaching the “fiscal cliff.”

Then after segments of his own party voted against him for speaker, he reschedules the vote. Even Rep. Peter King of New York threatened to switch parties ( as if the Dems would have him) if Boehner didn’t schedule the vote. Well, lo and behold, Boehner scheduled the vote last week to appease the Northeast constituents. Talk about playing politics — Boehner should be ashamed.

I hope this isn’t a prelude to what we can expect in the next four years when we as Americans have serious issues to deal with.

Scott White