Letter: We kicked out King George long ago



Regarding Chaz Webberley’s Jan. 9 letter, “An unarmed citizenry is defenseless,” asserting that more guns in the hands of citizens is necessary and prudent, he cites the history of mass executions and genocide by ruling powers as a reason to thwart gun control efforts.

What country does he live in? The America I live in is a country blessed with a democratic government that places power in the hands of the people. We do not have a history of kings and tyrants, extreme and widespread poverty and illiteracy, nor a tradition of subserviency to a ruling class.

I am truly sickened and appalled by the fear-mongering of people who think they know history and indulge in flawed logic and false philosophies.

And yes, I do understand the ingenuity of the Second Amendment. It created an armed militia (our present day National Guard), which puts guns in the hands of citizens to protect against tyranny and invasion. Perhaps Webberley should join it.

Katherine A. LaMar