Letter: Put God back in charge



America was founded on Christianity. No wonder America is in the state it is in. We have forgotten that.

Growing up, we sang Christmas carols at out school Christmas programs. When we watched our black-and-white television, even the married people were not shown in bed (now the TV is showing gays in bed together). We haven taken God out of our schools. Hollywood has mocked our God. We have let people into our country and we have had to bow down to their beliefs. We can no longer have Christmas parties at our schools.

This is America and we need to put God back on the top. If God was back into our schools, our movies, our streets, our homes, we would not have to worry about guns. We need to wake up America and be the nation God intended us to be. People coming into our country need to know that we serve an almighty God and they need to respect that. We need to share our God with them.

The only way we are going to save America is to go back to the way we were founded and keep our God in charge. I pray this will happen and May God Bless America again.

Sue Victor