Letter: Ease up on NRA bashing



Grow up folks: The National Rifle Association is not the boogeyman.

The NRA is just a lobby that represents Americans and arms manufacturers. As a matter of fact, they are nowhere in the top 20 as far as spending goes. They have zero direct votes in Congress and the House of Representatives. Any power they hold is one that Congress and the House have been fostering for as long as there has been a government.

Lobbies are a by-product of our government and most of our representatives believe that Washington, D.C., would not work without them. They operate under laws and watchful eyes, and plenty of violations have sent folks to jail.

Bargaining in our capital dictates that each side create a completely ludicrous basis for their initial stance, then whittle down each other’s side in the bipartisan process. I hope a reasonable middle ground is chosen.

David Lowe