Letter: Second Amendment not for sport



As I picked up the Jan. 11 The Columbian, I was appalled to read in the esteemed editorial board’s “Gun violence: Time to act” the implication that the Second Amendment has anything to do with hunting, target shooting, or other sporting activities. Both in language and in historical context, the Second Amendment makes crystal clear that it is about defense and only defense — to put it bluntly: killing aggressors.

While I completely agree that any sane community will take reasonable measures to keep firearms out of the hands of children, crazies, and criminals, I strongly object to the ignorant deception that the Second Amendment is about anything other than the right of responsible patriotic citizens to defend homes, loved ones, property, community and country against criminals, crazies, tyrants and oppressors — by killing them, if necessary.

Each year, many lives are saved and injuries prevented because people have the ability to protect themselves — with guns. So let’s not pretend that the right to bear arms is about killing deer. To do so is not only a demonstration of colossal ignorance; it is a denigration of the Constitution and a dishonest and insidious attack on the Bill of Rights.

Bruce Wilkinson