Letter: Madore must review job description



Clark County Commissioner David Madore seems to have made The Columbian his own personal journal with his continuing online comments. A recent entry clues us that he would like nothing more than to remove the one commissioner, Steve Stuart, who has any background or backbone for public service.

Madore needs a sponsor on how to run a local municipality. Hello, former County Commissioner Betty Sue Morris? He spent more than $300,000 of his own money campaigning for the seat; I suggest he sit in it, rather than use that seat to advance his own personal agenda. And he probably needs review of parliamentary rules.

Reviewing receipts and/or bills on the county books is neither a legitimate campaign platform, nor a job description for county commissioner. Clark County’s website is transparent, for the review of Madore and everyone else. That website provides ample information on a variety of topics, including the price of a recall petition.

Dawn Ho