Letter: Duped again by the ‘king’



Just after the so-called fiscal cliff deal, American taxpayers have been duped again by “King” Obama and his serfs in the Senate and the House. Now he proclaims there will be no negotiations going forward concerning certain aspects of the national debt ceiling. I have experienced many presidents, but this socialistic president has duped so many Americans it is just appalling. His “smoke and mirrors” rhetoric, especially when using the middle class vs. the rich as a ploy, won him a second term.

What is difficult to understand is he recently proclaimed “victory” of $620 billion in taxes from the rich over 10 years. Do the math, liberals. Will that really make a dent in our $16 trillion and increasing national debt? Problem is, most people do not understand the difference between the deficit and the national debt. And why do 47 percent of income earners not pay federal income taxes? In my opinion, every one should pay some federal income taxes unless a person is below the poverty threshold. Might be time for a flat tax code.

Robert Kerr