Letter: Dangers of pot are real



The Columbian’s Jan. 10 editorial “Perplexed About Pot” is long overdue. More than 20,000 scientific studies about marijuana/cannabis exist and none give it a clean bill of health. I’ve often sent copies of PubMed’s monthly list of published studies on marijuana to The Columbian, hoping someone would bother to take a look at them, and I’ve also sent the long list of studies linking marijuana to psychosis and schizophrenia. All to no avail.

At least 99 percent of advocates for pot legalization are, I suspect, users — and rarely is it for any perceived or misconceived “medical” reason. Unfortunately, a number of these pot users are also extremely wealthy and have been buying media space and supporting hempfests and drug culture conferences for years.

Fifteen years ago at a National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws conference, a speaker advised his audience: “In a few years, most of the media will have smoked pot and they’ll be on our side.”

Unfortunately, that has come to pass.

I particularly appreciated the editorial’s statement that ” … our level of ignorance about the science of it all remains staggering, not to mention dangerous.” So very true.

Sandra S. Bennett