Letter: Exclude light rail from new bridge



Time is money. More than $200 million has been allocated for Columbia River Crossing planning. As of today, there is no viable plan.

One local legislator has stated “the bridge will be built with light rail or not at all,” a “my way or no highway” stance. That is a minority opinion among local state legislators.

C-Tran voters have rejected by a wide margin using a sales tax increase to fund operation and maintenance of light rail.

Local funding of light rail operations and maintenance is required to secure federal funding to build light rail. Voters have elected two Clark County commissioners who are opposed to light rail and a third that has said he would listen to the voters concerning light rail.

Light rail cheerleading by The Columbian editorial board continues unabated. It is well past time to move forward with a bridge that excludes light rail and is high enough over the river to satisfy the Coast Guard.

Jon T. Haugen