UPDATE: Oregon man accused of putting dog in oven



SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A sheriff’s spokesman says a 20-year-old Oregon man accused of putting his grandmother’s small dog in a hot oven after it nipped him has been arraigned on a charge of aggravated animal abuse.

Kevin Dean Parrish appeared in court Tuesday afternoon. It was not immediately known whether he had a lawyer. He was jailed on $10,000 bail after his Monday arrest.

Marion County sheriff’s spokesman Don Thomson says Parrish had been caring for the 9-pound dog named Kudo while his grandmother was out of state.

Thomson says the Chihuahua-pincher mix was cut and bruised, his hair was singed and three of his legs were burned but he’s expected to pull through.

Parrish told deputies he was about to put lunch into the oven when he stopped to check on the dog, Thomson said.

When he reached into the kennel, the dog went for him, the deputy said.

Thomson said Parrish, who told investigators he had “anger issues,” punched the dog and tried to strangle it.

Remembering that the oven was hot, Parrish put the dog in, Thomson said.

Parrish said he was prepared to leave the animal there, but he pulled it out when he heard his brother coming into the house.

Parrish’s brother and father took the animal to the veterinarian.

“As far as I know he should make a full recovery,” said Dr. Keri Sanders, who treated Kudo.