Vancouver man injured in 2011 crash awarded $1.3 million




A Vancouver man on Thursday was awarded $1.3 million by a Multnomah County jury for injuries he sustained in a Hillsboro, Ore. traffic crash in 2011.

Robert Campbell, 45, still limps from breaking his left leg in multiple places in the April 8, 2011, collision and walks with a cane, said personal injury attorney Don Jacobs. Campbell was driving eastbound on Northeast Cornell Road, approaching the Northeast Elam Young Parkway intersection, when Robert Scarbrough, driving westbound in a 24-foot commercial box truck, turned left at a flashing yellow traffic light, failing to yield, and struck Campbell’s vehicle.

Campbell broke his left leg, fractured his left knee, strained his neck and sprained a shoulder, his attorney said.

The knee injury was the most hampering. Campbell will need a knee replacement surgery.

Campbell still works as a construction superintendent. His employer, Skanska Construction, has provided him accommodations, his attorney said.

“He’s a real trouper,” Jacobs said.

The lawsuit against Sumners Group Inc. — a Dallas, Texas-based company that does business as Rexel Taylor wholesale electrical supply in Oregon — sought nearly $2.8 million in damages, Jacobs said.

The jury awarded Campbell $300,000 for economic damages, including medical expenses and job retraining, and $1 million for noneconomic damages, Jacobs said.

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