Camas schools respond to ‘alarming’ Facebook post

Post by parent of Skyview High student says, "I hope someone shoots up (Camas High) school really soon"




Authorities are investigating what they are describing as an “alarming” message posted to Facebook on Tuesday night during a high school basketball game between the Camas and Skyview boys teams at Camas High School.

The post, left by the parent of a Skyview player, says, “Camas fans are the worst,” and “I hope someone shoots up the school really soon.” The post was discovered at the end of a close game between the Camas and Skyview boys basketball teams in which the Camas team lost by 2 points.

A verbal altercation between the parent and a group of students erupted near the exit of the gymnasium. Students and parents then discovered the Facebook post on their smartphones and alerted school authorities.

“We had parents and students who were worked up because the post was posted when we were outside the gym,” said Josh Gibson, the school district’s athletic director.

Many parents and students felt unsafe after reading the post, he said.

Gibson said it was unclear when the post went live and whether it resulted in the altercation between the parent and the group of students. He said the altercation amounted to insults and obscene gestures.

Camas students handled the situation appropriately, Gibson said.

The school district sent an email to parents and Camas High School supporters Wednesday morning. The email, signed by Camas High School Principal Steve Marshall and Gibson, said the district would “remain vigilant about your students’ safety today and in the future.”

The Camas Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the incident. The sheriff’s office considers the Facebook post to be a “nonspecific threat” that does not pose an immediate danger to students.

The Skyview parent was contacted, and he was banned from Camas School District property, the district said in its letter to parents.

The Camas Police Department is taking the lead on the investigation, said Sgt. Scot Boyles. He said the investigation is ongoing.

No charges have been filed against the parent.

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