Letter: Answers due from all of us



I am writing to express concern for the youth of Clark County. Children are killing themselves in this community at an alarming rate. It affects not just the families of these teens, but all of us.

I believe that this community is suffering greatly and doesn’t know where to turn. I am unnerved by the lack of attention in calling the community into action.

Counseling, town meetings and support groups should be held and available for our children and for parents to attend. Where are the resources?

Is anyone responding?

I see many people old and now young without any mechanism for coping with life’s ups and downs. Coping skills are at an all-time low today. Children killing themselves must be the wake-up call to our society, and someone must convey to our kids that suicide is not the answer. It is a selfish ending. It’s outcome cannot be changed, and this type of death is not as glorified as the media portrays.

Karen Butler