Letter: Religious letters out of place



Another day, another sermon. At least once a week, The Columbian publishes a religious diatribe in letters to the editor.

The general message is (1) America was founded as a Christian nation; (2) all our societal problems are self-inflicted because we don’t listen to/obey God; and (3) if we would just “put God back on top,” all would be well.

Certainly the writers are entitled to their own views, however dogmatic. But I fail to see how anyone’s religious opinions fit in the category of “public issues,” your explicit “letters to the editor” criteria.

Americans are guaranteed freedom of religion, including freedom from religion. Religion is personal; most don’t try to inflict their beliefs on others. True, nobody’s forcing me to read these mini-sermons, which perhaps are being published just to stir up controversy. But they don’t contribute anything new to the discourse.

Perhaps you could just squeeze the mini-sermon bullet points into a little sidebar on the editorial page and print it every day, thereby saving valuable space for constructive comments.

Our collective best option is to use as much intelligence and compassion as we can summon to solve our societal issues. Our problems are real. We must be able to face them realistically.

Julia Henton