Letter: Let us know what’s in our food



I’m grateful for labels on food packages that list ingredients. But some ingredients are not listed, such as genetically modified organisms, which are also called GMOs or genetically engineered foods.

I hope you’ll support Initiative 522, which would require GMO labeling.

Basically, unless foods are certified to be GMO-free, the law would require the following to be added to the ingredient list: “May contain GMOs.”

Last November, a similar proposal, Prop. 37, went to voters in California. In the voters’ pamphlet, the corporations against labeling said it would “increase food costs by billions.”

How can they say that when costs have not risen in the 49 countries that already require GMO labeling? Well, that’s because the secretary of state cannot testify to the accuracy of arguments made in the voters pamphlet.

This labeling initiative is not a ban on GMOs.

It is not a referendum on their safety.

It’s just a label. We want transparency. We have a right to know what’s in our food.

For more information, search for Label GMO Foods. If you want to help on the campaign in Clark County, email crVanWash@gmail.com.

Sherry Aldinger