Letter: Times have changed for gun issues



I was raised in western Montana and graduated in the mid 1970s. Guns have always been part of my culture.

I had them in my home growing up, and have owned them since I was a teenager.

My high school parking lot had many pickups with shotguns and rifles showing in the back window because quite a few people went hunting before and after school.

Times have changed.

I have always opposed any form of gun control for those of us who can legally own them.

I still do, but now I believe to buy any clip-fed, high-caliber rifle, and all pistols, a person should have a concealed weapons permit. Not just have a waiting period, but to have a valid concealed weapons permit before purchase.

To obtain a permit in most states requires that an individual has been educated in firearms and has been cleared by the sheriff or other local law enforcement authorities.

The required fee for a permit would not stop anyone who is going to legally obtain firearms, and I believe it would help restore a little faith in the non-gun public.

Is it gun control? I would like to answer “no,” but more of a control on those who can obtain clip-fed, high-caliber rifles, and all pistols.

Allen Anderson