Letter: If you’re guilty, face the facts



It was interesting to see the Jan. 19 story, “Judge gives up fight over parking ticket,” about Judge Rich Melnick’s travails with a parking ticket, on the same page as Lou Brancaccio’s Press Talk column, “What’s up with all the lying?

While I am happy that the judge finally did the right thing and paid his $15 parking ticket, I’m a bit dissatisfied with his reasoning for doing so.

People often lie to themselves and others when they do not face the consequences of their actions. In this case, the judge admittedly failed to press the button on the meter that provides a complimentary 20 minutes.

When he came out from his short visit to the library to pick up a reserved book, he was face to face with a parking enforcement agent ( I don’t think we call them meter maids anymore).

The judge couldn’t dissuade this person from doing his/her job and he received a ticket. Instead of laughing it off and admitting his mistake, he tried to place the blame on the agent for not putting the ticket on the car’s windshield.

I wonder if the judge would view this incident differently if he were presiding. I hope so.

Matt Camp