Letter: Meaningful regulations save lives



Not so long ago, tragedies due to drunken drivers were common. These numbers are now reduced, and as a society we act more responsibly. This change happened because thoughtful, dedicated people figured out specific measures to address the dangers of drinking and driving, set up frameworks to address them and educated us.

We can apply this to the tragedies of gun violence as well, addressing this very complex issue in various ways, step by step. We have differing perspectives on how to make our communities safer, but we can find aspects we can agree on and ways we can go forward if we listen thoughtfully to each other.

We can dedicate ourselves to that process, however long it takes. Our children and grandchildren are worth the effort.

Tragedies from drunken driving have decreased because we made it a priority. We must do the same for the tragedies of gun violence.

Betsey Kenworthy