Vancouver man charged with plotting to kidnap his ex-wife




A 48-year-old Vancouver man was charged Friday in Clark County Superior Court with plotting to kidnap his ex-wife and soliciting another person to buy him a shotgun.

Witnesses cited in court document, indicated that Stanley A. Gebarowski made statements that he wanted to use the shotgun to kill his ex-wife, Sherri L. Montgomery, 48, of Vancouver. He allegedly stated, “I want the (expletive) gone,” according to court documents.

Gebarowski was charged with criminal solicitation to commit kidnapping and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Judge Barbara Johnson ordered Friday that Gebarowski be held without bail, pending a mental health evaluation at Western State Hospital. A hearing to determine his competency is scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 25.

Court documents state that Gebarowski offered money and goods to Alvin H.E. Nudson to kidnap Montgomery and bring her to him. He also asked Nudson to buy a shotgun for him, and stated he wanted his ex-wife dead, according to court documents.

Montgomery told police that Gebarowski approached at least one other person about buying a shotgun to kill Montgomery and her family, according to court documents. Another witness, who asked to be anonymous, told police that he saw Gebarowski with two shotgun shells, the court documents stated.