Letter: Korea veterans served with pride



I was in Korea during the occupation and went back during the conflict.

This was officially termed United Nations Police Action because there were a lot of countries involved besides the United States.

I read the Jan. 1 story in The Columbian — “Pentagon float honors Korea vets” — with pride. Veteran James McEachin, pictured in the story, is a true hero.

On my license-plate holder I have the American flag, with the word “veteran” and the Korean Service Ribbon.

As for the stalemate, the negotiations were started sometime around when we pushed the Chinese and North Korean armies back across the 38th parallel, the original border between the North and South, and returned all of the South Koreans’ land back to them.

I wonder if anyone has heard the song “Victory in Korea”? I recorded it from a radio station and play it quite often.

John D. Yount