Letter: County loses credibility



County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke violated the trust of the citizens of Clark County when they unilaterally decided to breach the county’s contract with the Columbia River Economic Development Council. In doing so, they have undermined the county’s credibility with anyone else that is considering entering into a contract with the county. No one, including Clark County, has the right to unilaterally disregard written contracts, without suffering legal consequences.

This unilateral decision by these two men, who euphemistically call themselves public servants, raises a question of honor. Honor involves being true to your commitments, even if it becomes difficult to do so. Clark County entered into a promise when it entered into this contract with the CREDC. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the wisdom of the contract, once entered into, it should be honored.

These two men were elected to office to do the people’s business, not to pursue their own personal agenda. The business of the citizens of Clark County is not furthered by two commissioners deciding to breach a contract. Perhaps, it is already time to consider a recall petition of these two pseudo public servants.

Bill Reed