Letter: Scriptures carry meaning



Michelle E. Lundberg’s letter of Jan. 21, “Focus on enlightenment,” is really confusing. She seems to disagree with God and faith, yet includes a reference to reading the Bible for enlightenment. I hope she takes her own advice and reads her Bible, and takes a class to understand what she is reading.

The Bible states that there is only one God. We are free to choose, of course, but the more we take God out of our lives, the worse things are going to get. This is not about God punishing innocent people for the deeds of others. It’s about a society that has gone astray from what is taught in the Bible. When we go against the word of God, He fights back. Read about Noah’s Ark and Sodom and Gomorrah, and look at the parallels between their behavior and our society today. You can also read about all the good things He does for His people. Regarding the “dedication” of our country to God, research the number of buildings in Washington, D.C., that contain Scripture verses, prayers and references to God. They are there for a reason.

Cindy Mael