Letter: Put a dimmer on headlights



I agree with Bob Blakey regarding his Jan. 7 letter, “Intense headlights are hazard.”

Ten years ago, I sent the following letter to the Federal Department of Transportation and to several congressmen:

I have noticed, in the past few years, some changes in auto lighting, which concerns me as a driver and as an optometrist. Headlights used to be large, soft in color, and lower in intensity. They were quite adequate and did not bother the drivers of oncoming vehicles excessively.

Many of today’s vehicles have extremely bright headlights. This dazzles the eyes, causes eye strain, headaches, increased glare recovery time, distraction and stress. Hence, an even greater risk of accidents, not to mention a degraded driving environment. If nothing is done, imagine the future — greater population with more vehicles. Attrition eliminates most older vehicles with reasonable lighting.

People of all ages that I have talked to about this problem agree with me. It is time to correct a very serious and unnecessary problem.

Frank Mossman