Letter: Speeders ruining Lincoln Avenue



I’ll bet you didn’t know that Vancouver has its very own drag strip. It’s true! Just head over to Lincoln Avenue in Northwest Vancouver for 1.5 miles of uninterrupted black top.

Oh, don’t let the 25 mph speed signs bother you. Everyone else ignores them, too. Sure, lots of people live over there. Lots of kids wait for buses and even walk to school on that road. But when you’re going 70 mph you can’t really see their frightened faces, now can you?

But the best part is that our city’s police department doesn’t seem very interested in enforcing the speed limit on Lincoln. In the year and half I’ve lived off Lincoln Avenue, I’ve seen one cop and he wasn’t stopping anyone.

Meanwhile, until the citizens get some traffic enforcement on Lincoln, to all you speed-demons out there racing to get to work, I say “Let ‘er rip!”

James Barber