Talking Points: Pro Bowl moment worth remembering



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Yahoo Sports blogger Frank Schwab called it “one of the coolest moments you’ll see in a Pro Bowl.”

He was writing in Shutdown Corner about NFC center Jeff Saturday switching sides to snap the ball one last time to former teammate and AFC quarterback Peyton Manning.

Saturday said he was retiring after the Pro Bowl.

Schwab described it as “a bit like Alex Rodriguez pushing Cal Ripken to shortstop in Ripken’s last MLB All-Star Game.”

Schwab concluded with: “There’s plenty of reasons to believe the Pro Bowl is a joke, but that was a great moment and a nice sendoff for Saturday, who is finishing a fantastic career at the game.”


Novak Djokovic should learn that you should spoil/bribe the media BEFORE a tournament begins, not when it’s OVER.

A master at playing to his audience, Djokovic came with several boxes of chocolates to his post-match news conference after beating Andy Murray for his third consecutive Australian Open tennis title and then played host as he distributed them to a room packed with journalists.

“Please, take two,” Djokovic said, offering his box of treats to one reporter at a time.

“I see nobody’s on a sugar-free diet,” he joked as the chocolates began to disappear.


The Seattle Mariners held their FanFest at chilly Safeco Field over the weekend.

At least one player had an optimistic view about the conditions under the closed stadium roof.

“This is like postseason weather right here,” outfielder Casper Wells told, “so I’m trying to get used to it because that’s where I’m expecting to be sometime soon.”

Perhaps he’s thinking he’ll be traded to a contender.

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