Letter: Commissioners wrong on CREDC



Regarding the funding cuts to Columbia River Economic Development Council by the Clark County commissioners (or at least two of them), I find this action quite disturbing (“County cuts economic group’s funding,” Jan. 23, The Columbian).

The county commissioners’ letter justifying this move, as quoted in The Columbian, states: “(the CREDC’s) focus on jobs has been diluted by the CREDC Board voting to advocate for the CRC project which includes light rail.”

“Since Clark County voters took a firm position against light rail … it would be inappropriate … to provide public funding.”

First of all, the vote was against a tax, not against the project. This is like saying that, because a vote for funding of education or the fire department fails, the voters think our kids should not be educated or we should not have a fire department.

To me, the CREDC’s support of the Columbia River Crossing project makes perfect sense because, if/when this project is finally started, a number of jobs will doubtlessly result — so this is in line with a “focus on jobs.”

Finally, I was under the impression that the commissioners were supposed to represent all the residents of Clark County, not just the ones that agree with certain commissioners’ narrow ideological views.

David S. Viers