Letter: Straw man presented in pot dispute



A series of recent letters from cannabis legalization opponents have me scratching my head. In my opinion their arguments are in direct conflict with their intent: reducing juvenile cannabis use.

First, their contention is usually that cannabis is a “gateway” drug. This is ludicrous on a number of levels. More studies have discredited this theory than have supported it. There are other issues with it that I can’t delve into here.

Secondly, there’s the study that correlates juvenile cannabis abuse and I.Q. reduction. That study is currently being questioned by research peers. Know the argument is a bit of a straw man in the first place because I know of no one in favor of teens’ “smoking out.”

Put out your torches, folks. Put down the pitchforks. Try to think logically rather than emotionally.

Cannabis regulation through legalization and (honest) education are our best tools in reducing juvenile cannabis abuse (the right tool for the right job, right?). Not hysterical proselytizing from a pulpit constructed of emotionally charged vituperation.

I’d recommend these folks take a hard look at their current tactics. Record shows us the efficacy of the method to be worse than useless.

Jim Kennedy