Letter: Cancer center’s care appreciated



My wife has breast cancer now for the second time in six years. We expected her annual mammogram to be nothing more than routine. Unfortunately, it was not and the resulting biopsy confirmed what many women fear and some actually face — invasive cancer. Those who’ve been there know it’s not any easier the second time around. No, not at all. Yes, we’re stronger for having been through this before, but there is a great deal more to it than losing a breast, or both. However, she and I have agreed; since this is our battle once again, we’re in it to win it.

One of many fine things Vancouver has to offer is the Kearney Breast Center. This is a place of solace for women, where they can get their annual mammograms, as well as receive care and guidance during their fight with cancer.

We’re blessed to be served by the center, always receiving a warm reception with every visit and given unsurpassed attention from knowledgeable intake staff, techs, radiologists and surgeons. There truly are no words to express my wife’s and my appreciation for this special place of care and healing.

Bruce R. Randall