Letter: Eliminate party affiliation



Decades ago, a group of men came together and created the two most powerful documents in American history. These men did not follow a political party (Democrat, Republican, etc.). They were influenced by their convictions and common sense of their beliefs. Today we know these two documents as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Recently, the “no labels” group has suggested all persons running for public office run on their own personal qualifications and credentials, rather than that of party affiliation. Political parties and PACs could still contribute to any candidate without strings attached. We should all wean ourselves of voting along party lines.

Following the lead of Washington state’s top two primary, all persons running for elected office (city, county, state and federal) would run in the primary, with the top two finishers running for each position advancing to the general election.

This system should allow for greater cooperation in government while eliminating gridlock.

Maybe those elected within both state and federal office would decide that all bills should stand alone without attached riders adding unwanted pork that only benefits a few. Also, there would be no need for the line-item veto at the federal level.

John A. Nyberg