Letter: Privileges differ from our rights



I read Gayle Meltesen’s Jan. 19 letter, “Let’s regulate guns like we do cars,” regarding comments from others about banning automobiles because they “kill people.” Her response seems to show a lack of understanding of the difference between “rights” and “privileges.”

You see, if one will read our founding documents, one will see that it indicates that some “rights” come from God — one of which is spelled out in the Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights. These “rights” are not to be taken away or, in the case of the Second Amendment, infringed upon, except by violations of law on the part of the citizen.

Driving a vehicle, on the other hand, is a “privilege” given us by our respective states and can be controlled, cancelled or taken away at the whim of government.

These types of comments show one of the problems in today’s society. That is the popular belief that many things are rights, when in fact, they are privileges given and taken away by governments.

Gary S. Smith