Letter: Expand pension system



I was happy to see Lou Brancaccio’s Jan. 26 column on the unfairness of public-sector employees vs. private-sector employees’ pension benefits. I agree with him that there is no reason the private-sector employees should have less than the public-sector employees. It is time for this nation to enact minimum wage and benefit laws that include a guaranteed pension for private-sector workers.

It would be very difficult for an individual business to offer a pension benefit while their competitors don’t. A straightforward and fair way would be to enact the pension benefit by law thus providing a level playing field for all competing businesses and benefiting the workers that make the profit for the businesses.

The pension benefit should be carried from job to job. That way workers can move from one company to another without losing their pension. Companies that fail would fail on their own and not destroy their employees’ pension benefit.

I am not bright enough to figure out all the details of how to set up a workers’ pension system but I’m sure Brancaccio would be there to help.

Gerald Armstrong