Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Connorton, Violet J. and Cliff M. Woman’s name changed to Anderson.

Welch, Serena Alicia and Welch II, Johnny Max.


Bliss, David Eugene and Ervin-Bliss, Katie Robin.

Carlson, Misty Gale and Joshua Andrews.

Fields, Rhonda R. and Glenn Ray.

Kullmann, Jessica Anne and Jorgeson, Andrew Bleu.

Ponn, Robert Zysion and Roxanne Rene.

Viertel, Heather Dawn and Terry L.

Weatherford, Melinda Lauren and Philip Lee.

Marriage licenses


Schoeplein, Amy Joy, 20, Vancouver, and Williams, Michael Jarod, 21, Vancouver.

Lytle, Richard Alan, 63, Portland, and Long, James Paul, 64, Portland.

McMenomy, Dion Patrick, 54, La Center, and Scarcella, Rene Leslie, 57, La Center.

Robb, Matthew Scott, 36, Portland, and Price, Crystal Marie, 33, Portland.

Pullen, George Fultz, 66, Vancouver and Olson, Melton Jakob, 64, Vancouver.

Moffitt, Melissa Nelson, 41, Portland, and Osborne, Dori Florence, 51, Portland.

Godbey, Joel Stephen, 61, Portland, and Morrow, Kelly Lee, 53, Portland.

Tremblay, Rachael Lucia, 28, Oregon City, Ore., and Barrett, Benjamin Michael, 36, Oregon City, Ore.

Gooch, Christin Louise, 31, Vancouver, and Ferguson, Shannon Darlene, 31, Vancouver.

Vicente, Desiree Marie, 23, Milwaukie, Ore., and Neuhauser, Stephanie Marie, 32, Milwaukie, Ore.

Duling, Jenapher Ann, 26, Washougal, and Gore, Devin James, 25, Washougal.

Lange, Christi Nichole, 28, Troutdale, Ore., and Reed, Joshua James, 33, Troutdale, Ore.

Van Buren, Richard Paul, 52, Estacada, Ore., and Van Buren, Robert Eugene, 69, Estacada, Ore.

Woodhouse, Scott Michael, 27, Vancouver, and Young, Kelsey Nicole, 25, Vancouver.

Shook, Denise Darlene, 52, Portland, and Sweeney, Kathleen Marie, 44, Portland.

Boyd, Richard Lynn, 58, Vancouver, and Rice, Kim Rayann, 51, Vancouver.

Farner Jr., Robert Charles, 50, Vancouver, and Culbertson, Stanley John, 52, Vancouver.

Watkins, Richard Lee, 57, Portland, and Lewis Jr., Lester Ivan, 61, Portland.

Zak, Carl Lynn, 31, Vancouver, and Stults, Eric Mathew, 33, Vancouver.

Gasperetti, Elise Katarina, 24, Portland, and Holdorf, Williamk Brandom, 26, Ridgefield.

Brown, Amos John Edward, 26, Vancouver, and Gronholm-Santos, Jenny Amanda, 26, Portland.

Hope, Charity Faith, 39, Vancouver, and Barclay, Gena Lynn, 38, Vancouver.

Bahnsen, Pamela Anne, 59, Creswell, Ore., and Bateman, Barbara Dee, 80, Creswell, Ore.

Stevens, Sarah Louise, 29, Vancouver, and Nua, Reupena Meki, 27, Vancouver.

Bell, Sara Melissa, 33, Vancouver, and Morse, Sam Kealoha, 35, Vancouver.

Page, Robert Paul, 55, Portland, and Porter, Preston Delbert, 57, Portland.

Ellis, Teresa Marie, 58, Vancouver, and Sparks, Robert Ray, 55, Vancouver.

Lapthorne, Jenny Jodane, 31, Vancouver, and Smith, Michael Frank, 30, Vancouver.

Tendler, Autumn Willow, 18, Washougal, and Chargualaf, Derek Edward Salas, 19, Washougal.