Police report rash of garage door remote thefts

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Do you know where your garage door opener is? Police say someone is stealing remotes from cars parked in the street of Vancouver’s Northwest neighborhood.

Recently, residents who live in the 1700 block of Northwest 65th Street have reported that their garage door openers were taken either from the glove box or visor, said Kim Kapp, spokeswoman for the Vancouver Police Department.

Leaving the garage door opener inside your vehicle when you park in the street is a terrible idea, she said. Thieves who get into the car and take the remote are typically planning to return to the residence later and burglarize the garage, if not the whole house.

“People often don’t lock the door between the garage and the house,” Kapp said.

She advises residents to take the opener with them anytime they park outside, whether it’s near their home, at the mall or in the long-term parking lot at the airport.

If your remote is stolen, disconnect it and change the code on garage door.