Letter: Any one else wonder why?



I now understand why Superintendent Shonny Bria was so happy when the latest fleecing of Battle Ground Public Schools district residents passed. She was then fully able to ensure that we, the fleeced, were going to pay her the salary worth at least five teachers for each of the next two years to sit home and collect her well-earned PERS payoff each month. A June 28 Columbian story reported “B.G. schools chief to get $401,715 payout.”

Extra money from a construction measure — just spend more — barely pass the maintenance levy — time to pay off the elite. I guess the talk of dissolving the district was the concern, then Bria wouldn’t get her payoff if the levy didn’t pass rather than a single thought to the children of the district. Well done.

And people have the nerve to call those who vote “no” on these fleecings the bad apples. When one single person on the school board grasps the concept of public funds we would all be more than happy to give them what they need. But only what they need.

John W. Higgins

Battle Ground