Letter: Enjoy the safe public displays




In the words of Paul Knight’s June 30 letter, “‘Rockets’ red glare’ vividly recalled,” I, too, would like to see all forms of “bombs bursting in air” banned from Clark County. Adding to the reasons he cites, there are the load of pollutants (plastic shards, heavy metals and more) that fireworks send into our already overstressed air and water, and the deaths, injuries and unjust labor practices that accompany their production in China.

I hope that those claiming the “patriotism” of their personal sound and light shows find their way to a broader interpretation of our rights as Americans, so that it includes compassion and a sense of individual responsibility for the welfare of us all. Forego the fun and thrill of lighting up your neighborhood. Instead, enjoy our own Vancouver extravaganza, or another of the many public fireworks celebrations in the area.

Patty Page