Letter: Protect liberty for all



The effect of the law on our lives, from the tiny to the terrible, is profound. Between the anniversaries of the upholding of Obamacare and our nation’s independence, we must reflect on how increased government power affects all of us. I dedicated a decade to fighting those who use the law to enforce disparity on others.

Two years ago, I gave up and left my lifelong home of Washington, constantly dismayed by the encroachment of government into all areas of existence. I wanted to drink good beer, but I didn’t want to pay a 20 percent premium to drink it in Washington. I had to fix my car, so I saved $115 by taking it to consumer-friendly Oregon. I needed health care, and I couldn’t afford the extra $342 per month rise in my insurance premiums due to massive federal intervention in health care.

Uninsured most my life, I never had a problem receiving quality medical services through charity and existing public options until Obamacare passed. Yet a tiny band of politicians controlling the law, and by extent our lives, think they know better than everyone how to run things.

Preserve liberty. Stop the use of the law to oppress the weak.

Joshua D. Levine

Sauk Rapids, Minn.