Letter: Cameras might inhibit speeders



Follow the speed limit. What a concept. A June 30 story, “New traffic cameras quickly bring tiny Ohio village to a stop,” reported on a town that put in cameras to stop speeders. People were complaining because they were getting ticketed for speeding. I say they should put cameras up around here, too.

I live and drive down Padden Parkway, and it has become the Northeast drag strip. Why would I say that? Because if you drive the speed limit you almost get pushed off the road because you are not going fast enough. The sign says 50 mph, but the average is well over that. Motor bikes race from light to light.

We don’t have enough patrol cars, so for safety put the cameras in, and if a speeder cries when they get a ticket, slow down. They can’t blame City Hall for their inability to follow the rules.

Tony Cruz