Letter: Counting on promises, now broken



I get up every morning and travel across a bridge. I live in Washington and work in Oregon. I work hard and pay my taxes. I pay federal taxes, Oregon income tax, and Washington sales and property taxes. I don’t whine about it because it is my choice.

The time I spend trying to get to work and trying to get home is another price I pay. One day I hear, “we are going to fix your drive time, but it’s going to cost you.” They were right; it cost me, but my drive tomorrow will be the same old, same old. Politicians played me. They told me they could fix things they couldn’t fix, took my money, and in the end, I have a car I can’t drive. Sadly that is politics today.

When money is speech, then I have no voice. I am sure that money made money … and yet we have no bridge. Next time we want to build a bridge, let us have two requirements for those politicians and those developing the bridge: They should know what it is like to live Vancouver, and work in Portland.

Micheal Cortney