Letter: Death at large concert foreseeable



More than 25,000 attended the Paradiso Festival, a concert at the Gorge Amphitheater in Central Washington. Reported in the July 2 story, there’s “One dead in cluster of drug overdoses at Gorge music festival,” and more than 70 seen at Quincy Valley Medical center for drug and alcohol abuse.

Who issued the permit for this gathering? Was the sponsor/organizer of this music festival required to have paramedics or EMTs or other emergency trained people available? Was some form of the naloxone/narcan drug used to counter overdoses readily available at the site? How about certified security services to handle these emergencies and crowd control?

Or was the buck passed to local law enforcement and the “small, rural hospital” that “has no intensive care unit”?

Is there a law enforcement agency in the state capable of taking on an investigation of the permit process and the expected drug sale and use?

Don’t go yelling about lawyers suing the local/county/state governments for this death when foreseeable consequences of this kind from such a gathering should have been considered.

Charles A. Kuffner Jr.