Letter: Local cars face tough challenge



Has anyone noticed the condition of our roads and the roadside vegetation growing across sidewalks and berry vines growing out into the roadway? If you need help finding some of the stuff I see on the roads I drive, I’ll be glad to show you.

Here are some examples: On Padden Parkway from Northeast 117th Avenue east to Ward Road, you will find berry vines and weeds; on Fourth Plain from Northeast 117th Avenue east to Northeast 162nd Avenue, you will find sidewalks completely covered by high grass and weeds; and along Northeast 162nd Avenue south from Fourth Plain. If we don’t have the funds to maintain vegetation control, then stop planting all of the trees and shrubs.

Tire dealers have to love the conditions of our roads with all of the potholes, which leads to front end alignments, tire repair, tires wearing out before their time, as well vehicle rattling and shock absorbers wearing out.

If I am the only one that sees this, then maybe I have too much time on my hands.

Bob Hammock