Letter: Third bridge idea is fatally flawed



So now that they have killed the Columbia River Crossing, certain Republicans are trumpeting a third bridge across the Columbia. No doubt this is to be done without tolls or new taxes.

I often wonder what planet these people live on.

If we cannot replace a worn-out, failing, old bridge, how could we ever find the will and the money to build a new bridge and the required highways? You cannot simply plunk down a new bridge. You would need to build a freeway system to support it on both sides of the river tied into the existing I-5 and I-205. The cost would be way higher, astronomical.

Plus, do you know anyone in Portland or Vancouver who wants a new freeway running through their neighborhood? The political battles would dwarf the CRC feuding.

I had mixed feelings about the CRC, but I think in a few years, when we still don’t have a new bridge, the $450 million state share will seem a bargain. I’m retired, but I did the horrible Vancouver-to-Portland commute for 30 years, mostly on mass transit. If I had another decade to work, I’d throw in the towel and move to Portland.

Sam Siciliano