Talking Points: Rex Ryan’s wild side



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Through the NFL season, Jets head coach Rex Ryan lives on the wild side with his workplace hazard of meeting with the New York media. However, this offseason, Ryan upped the danger by running with the bulls.

Judging by the photo posted on, Ryan recently spent time in Pamplona, Spain and mixed in with the other thrill seekers, diverting the immediate danger of an angry bull.

Ryan, photographed wearing the traditional red bandana around his neck, was not injured. But really, what’s a measly, little bull compared to an obnoxious New York tabloid?


Thank you, NBA, for giving us more Rasheed Wallace.

The Detroit Pistons will hire Wallace, the former temperamental NBA standout, as an assistant coach. According to the Detroit News, Wallace will mentor the young Piston big men — insert your own sarcastic response here.

However, Wallace, who ingloriously played during Portland’s “Jail Blazer” era, but later went on to play in the NBA Finals with the Pistons, does have knowledge to pass on to the new generation. And just as important, Wallace always provides entertainment.

When Wallace met with reporters in Orlando on Monday, he appeared to wear a blue Pistons team shirt as well as a black and green Boston Celtics shamrock hat.

Actually, the hat was adorned with Notre Dame emblem but only Wallace would think that wearing the similar colors of his employer’s rival would be a good idea.