Letter: Buyout suspiciously timed



There is something fishy in Battle Ground. Former Battle Ground Public Schools Superintendent Shonny Bria announces her “retirement” soon after a highly contentious levy passes. Two months later, it is revealed that she is getting a buy-out of her contract with a golden parachute of over $400,000. And now, to pay for her buy-out, her position won’t be filled until next April and two top administrative positions won’t be filled at all. It makes you wonder how important her position was in the first place — and the other two.

I don’t understand how a school district that is hurting for revenue can afford to throw away $400,000 for no apparent reason. What kind of legal counsel did the board get? If Bria wasn’t doing the job, then fire her without a parachute. It seems to me that after 15 years in the job, her performance should be well known. This doesn’t make sense.

Let’s start over by merging the Battle Ground Public Schools with another, like Hockinson. Eliminate the Battle Ground school board and combine administrative functions with Hockinson.

Think twice about approving any more bonds or levies for the Battle Ground Public Schools.

Mark Gawecki

Brush Prairie