Letter: Charter schools’ threat is real



Regarding the July 4 story “Coalition sues over charter school law,” I agree charter schools are a threat to our public school system, but I believe the threat lies in the fact that they will prove to be superior in providing more than an “adequate education” compared to our current system.

The lawsuit’s complaint that “charter schools would not be subject to all the laws and regulations other public schools have to follow” is laughable. As a former teacher, I was told by administrators on numerous occasions to break the rules contained in the district handbook, always under the guise that it was for the good of the students.

College imparts knowledge, not wisdom, and there are as many parents who are natural-born educators as there are teachers. Those behind this suit insinuate that parents couldn’t possibly create a set of standards equal to their own. The bottom line is their fear of losing the almighty dollar, which, according to their reasoning, will cause the public school system to fail. It’s already failing … miserably.

The highlight of this story was the recognition of Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson for being one of those rare politicians who believes it’s his responsibility to defend the will of the voters.

Dawn Klinski