Letter: Power of prayer isn’t filling coffers



I stopped by Frenchman’s Bar, a regional park, recently to see if any fish were biting.

They weren’t.

Next time, I’ll invite the Clark County commissioners along for a prayer session like they have at the beginning of their meetings.

I’d ask them to pray for replacement of the trash can that used to exist by the beach.

We really need them to pray for replacement of the “job johnnie” that all of the fishermen were so glad to have in the past.

A prayer for someone to pick up all of the trash that’s been piled beneath the trees would also be in order.

Now that we no longer have to pay parking fees, we get to “enjoy” the park free from the services that kept it so nice.

Way to go, guys. Your “Pray to Play” policy is working out just as I expected.

Don’t get me started on your deficit spending, unbalanced budget and stimulus plan.

Cut the revenues. Surprise: Now, we have a deficit. I guess we have to cut services. Perfect, a county death spiral. I think they should pray for forgiveness.

Meanwhile I’ll just pray the fish start biting before the park turns into a total dump.

Kenneth Campbell