Letter: Repair the trails we already have



I read the July 9 front-page story “Waterfront project expenses on the money” about the city’s $45 million undertaking of the waterfront project and extension of the Renaissance Trail, in southwest downtown.

While I watch and support the progress of this new Vancouver gem, I was reminded of my favorite urban jewel neglected for three years now — that part of the Renaissance Trail where sections of the walkway were washed out in flooding in 2011 at Tidewater Cove.

Since then, the city could only manage to put up a cheesy chain-link fence to keep pedestrians out of the area on both sides of the washout. The city and/or Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation cited as having no funds to engineer and repair the damages. It seems an enigma that new construction can be undertaken at huge city costs on the west side of the trail, while maintenance on the east side cannot be addressed.

I see some credibility problems that the city can create urban jewels, but can’t seem to keep them polished.

Michael Fox-Lambert