Letter: Fireworks all about the money



Many of the fireworks complaints we read about pertain to the noise, safety issues, pet problems, fires and messes that are left in our streets. Why is all this happening in the first place? It’s all about the money; the city takes in permit fees from the fireworks companies. If the city loses this money, guess what, it will get made up else where in another form of tax.

A lot of people are willing to pay for the fireworks and blow up thousands of dollars to provide fun for themselves and others, not caring what problems this causes, such as runaway scared animals, fire danger, bodily injury, etc. We are seeing a rise in violence related to fireworks, neighbors who are not willing to be reasonable with their fireworks use.

Until we get the city off of dependence on the money fireworks brings in, this problem will continue. Remember, it’s all about the money, either to spend foolishly or to make certain companies rich.

If fireworks go away, so does the money, then the city may have to impose more tax on everyone to make up for the loss of the fireworks revenue.

Dave and Floreen Clark