Letter: Exempt residents working in Oregon



The June 28 story “Sales tax exemption survives in budget plan” regarding imposing sales tax on out-of-state shoppers, particularly Oregon shoppers, missed, in my opinion, two key points.

First, sales tax in Washington is a major source of our revenue just like income tax is a major source of revenue to Oregon.

Second, if, as a resident of Washington, I work in Oregon, I will pay state income tax to Oregon. Therefore, why is it OK for Washington residents working in Oregon to pay the state of Oregon, but Oregon shoppers in Washington are exempt?

I believe this inequity should be stopped or those Washington residents who work in Oregon should also be exempt.

I would also be interested in knowing how much is really spent by out-of-state shoppers.

As merchants must report this to the state, it should be easy for a reporter to investigate and publish the results so we all know what we are discussing.

Michael Cochrane