Letter: Litter grows as budget dwindles



With regard to Kenneth Campbell’s July 11 letter “Power of prayer isn’t filling coffers” about the trash at Frenchman’s Bar park, I too invite county commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke to walk with me along the river on a summer morning. I have personally hauled away many large bags of trash of bottles, cans, picnic trash,and dirty diapers. Like them, I am usually “praying” too — praying that I don’t get a needle stick while picking up drug paraphernalia.

While the grounds keepers do an excellent job with the picnic area and play areas, they simply cannot get to all the pathways and areas where people show totally disregard for fellow park users. I seem to remember that we were told that there would be “extra” park staff available once they no longer had to work the pay gates. Here’s an idea: Maybe M&M could don “litter patrol” vests and spend some time patrolling the less-used areas of the parks.

Patricia Weinkauf