Vancouver schools set to offer full-day kindergarten

Increase in funding from state made implementation possible

By Susan Parrish, Columbian Education Reporter



Find out more about full-day kindergarten at Vancouver Public Schools at Vancouver Public Schools kindergarten

Find out more about full-day kindergarten at Vancouver Public Schools at Vancouver Public Schools kindergarten

Vancouver Public Schools has announced more details about its transition to full-day kindergarten at all 21 elementary schools in the district beginning in September.

The district will no longer offer half-day kindergarten classes. Tuition will not be charged for any kindergarten program in the district.

An increase in funding from the state made possible the implementation of full-day kindergarten beginning in the fall. The district couldn’t make the decision to provide full-day kindergarten until the state consensus budget was released June 28.

Kindergarten students who already are enrolled for the fall will be automatically placed in the full-day program at their school.

If kindergartners are not yet enrolled for the fall, parents can register their child or request a boundary exception at their neighborhood elementary school when school offices open beginning Aug. 19. Boundary exceptions are granted on a space-available basis. School office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Parents can phone the district’s elementary operations office at 360-313-1010 after Aug. 5.

2017-18 deadline

Legislation passed in 2009 requires full implementation of state-funded all-day kindergarten for all students in Washington by the 2017-2018 school year.

Across the state, elementary schools with the highest percentage of students eligible for free or reduced meals have been identified to benefit most from full-day kindergarten programs. School districts that have been offered money from the June 30 consensus budget to extend kindergarten to full days have until July 16 to accept the money, said Jackie Brock, school readiness manager at Educational Services District 112.

To register a child, parents must present proof of their child’s birth date (birth certificate or signed hospital certificate) and immunization records. To begin kindergarten in the fall, children must be 5 years old by Aug. 31.

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Kindergarten in Clark County school districts

Battle Ground Public Schools

Kindergarten: Currently offers tuition-based, full-day kindergarten at three of six elementary schools: Pleasant Valley, Tukes Valley and Captain Strong. One full-day kindergarten class is offered at each of those three schools, said Duane Rose, interim superintendent. All six elementary schools offer free half-day kindergarten classes.

District office: 360-885-5300


Camas School District

Kindergarten: Currently offers half-day kindergarten with some additional early learning assistance for kindergartners. The district did not receive additional funding to add full-day kindergarten because its percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced meals is smaller than most Clark County districts, said Donna Gregg, director of business services.

District office: 360-335-3000


Evergreen Public Schools

Kindergarten: The largest school district in Clark County already offers full-day kindergarten in all of its elementary schools.

District office: 360-604-4000


Green Mountain School District

Kindergarten: The small rural district will continue offering three full days of kindergarten for approximately 22 kindergartners for the 2013-2014 school year, said Joe Jones, superintendent.

District office: 360-225-7366


Hockinson School District

Kindergarten: The rural district will continue to offer two full days, plus a third full day every other week.

District office: 360-448-6400


La Center School District

Kindergarten: La Center’s kindergarten program is four full days, Monday through Thursday, said Scott Lincoln, principal at La Center Elementary School.

District office: 360-263-2131


Ridgefield School District

Kindergarten: Ridgefield offers all-day kindergarten every other day, plus one program of all-day kindergarten every day for students who need extra help.

District office: 360-619-1300


Vancouver Public Schools

Kindergarten: The second-largest district in Clark County is implementing full-day, tuition-free kindergarten in all elementary schools beginning fall 2013, said Steven Webb, superintendent.

District office: 360-313-1000


Washougal School District

Kindergarten: Washougal received money from the new state budget to add full-day kindergarten at Hathaway Elementary School, which has a higher percentage of students eligible for free/reduced meals than the other two elementary schools in the district. The kindergarten program in those schools, Cape Horn-Skye and Gause, will continue to offer two full days, plus a half-day each week. The district is hiring two additional kindergarten teachers at Hathaway Elementary.

District office: 360-954-3000


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